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And the channel suddenly switched to a documentary about gay people, while my mother was watching.

And for a fleeting moment, I feel a tinge of fear. In a badly disguised panic, I left the room quickly.

Whatever commentary she said might reflect that excruciating moment in the future where I will have to come clean about my sexual orientation, to my parents. At such juncture, it would be foolish to expect the positive outcome, as such expectations have an equal chance of disappointing you as well as being rewarding.

And words can break your bones.

People’s views do change. But changes on how people view the abjected ‘others’ often happen in a glacial pace, or none at all. It’s as if the system have made sure that there will always be something for the collective hate to feed on.

Maybe I am a coward. But in a time where family is one of my biggest reason of living, I can find no other way other than avoidance.

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